We have held some very successful events this year since September 2018 including discos, the bonfire extravaganza bingo, summer festival and various sales!

So far this academic year the PTFA have given the following donations:

Academic Year 2018-2019

  • £450 towards Reception’s trip to Manchester Airport
  • £345 towards Year 4’s trip to the Silk Museum
  • £840 towards the Pantomine trip
  • £200 towards the Early Years’ trip to Biddulph Grange
  • £270 towards Year 2’s trip to watch Wind in the Willows
  • £1000 towards buying a video camera to record the Christmas plays
  • £130 towards topic books for Year 4
  • £300 towards Year 1’s trip to Toy Museum
  • £340 towards Year 3’s trip to Gladstone museum
  • £753 to fund A Life Healthy eating workshops
  • £400 towards Y2’s trip to Knowsley Safari Park for Coach costs
  • £600 towards Y4’s trip to Chester Zoo for Coach costs
  • Y4 Leavers gifts and T shirts
  • £100 for New Guinea Pig Run for Early Years

Academic Year 2019-2020

  • £470 Reception Trip to Manchester Airport
  • £448 Books for the Children for Christmas
  • £1170 Year 4 Trip to Blist Hill and Year 2 Trip to Knowsley Safari Park
  • £1100 Reception Trip to Biddulph Grange and School Pantomine Trip for Christmas

The children and teachers write letters to us requesting support and donations

Thank you for all your support!

Many thanks

Julie Walker

Secretary PTFA

If you would like to volunteer to help at one of our events or attend any of our meetings, please email me on